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Qualitexpaper Protective Tissue Paper

  • High performance.

  • Protection level of 100%.

  • Resistant to high temperatures.

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Paper Features: Specially designed to accept sublimation inks.

The ink conversion printing process is done with heat and controlled by pressure. The sublimation paper is most often used as a type of heat transfer paper to print the sublimated ink onto a specially coated surface.


Developed to meet your requirements: high speed printing, fast drying; large ink absorbing capacity, suitable for dark transfer; rich color performance.


  • High ink amount printing
  • High speed absorption and drying
  • Superb transfer yield and colour gamut
  • Outstanding detail printing


Developed for the application emphasizing ultra fast absorption and instant drying, and still have the same great performance in color printing.


  • Ultra fast absorption and instant drying
  • High transfer yield
  • Outstanding detail printing
  • Dimensional stability
  • Adapt to a variety of applications


Designed specifically for low-temperature transfer. Completely avoid the heat transfer, fabrics, plastics and plastic deformation. Excellent printing and transfer performance, depth of color are applicable.


  • Transfer conditions: 170°C, 5 min
  • Low-temperature transfer
  • Outstanding detail printing
  • Superb transfer yield
  • Dimensional stability


Specifically designed for applications in stretch fabrics by thermally stick on it, thus releave shrinkage of fabrics and offering extraordinary performance in detail printing.


  • Thermally stick on variety kinds of stretch fabrics
  • Release shrinkage of fabrics
  • Superb transfer yield and colour gamut
  • Extraordinary detail printing

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