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QualitexPaper mission is to have a greater international reach by sectorizing all locations where we currently have reach and expand to new areas by providing excellent customer service and superior quality sublimation paper. We currently work with 15 distributors around the world and are looking to expand to new locations

Qualitexpaper manufactures and develops high-quality, reliable and easy-to-use Sublimation Paper, while helping to profile the printing machine by providing our customers with the best quality sublimation experience and excellent after-sales services.

QualitexPaper success is based on “customer satisfaction”. Our company’s goal is to build the best sublimation paper that exceeds national and international standards, which meet the needs of customers and their requirements.

Our different types of papers have adjustable sizes  to meet the different needs of our clients, our paper provides a longer productive life and a higher transfer rate, that helps improve productivity of your sublimation machine.

Our company specializes in the unwinding and distribution of transfer and protection paper for the sublimation industry. We offer a variety of high-quality sublimation paper within the national and international market.

We have different paper styles and sizes which easily adjust to any equipment or machine type. In addition, we also provide help by customizing the machine profiles to get the best quality of sublimation. 

Our main focus is supporting our customer and contributing to their growth by providing quality sublimation paper.

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Based on customer satisfaction, we manufacture our sublimation paper according to quality standards of the textile and digital industry consumers to present tailored solutions to their business.


Fast Dry QualitexPaper is available in different sizes and can be customized according to your needs.
Enjoy vivid high color transfer in a shorter time and with less waste.



Sticky sublimation paper is normally used by fashion designers. Sticky QualitexPaper is available in different sizes and thicknesses making it easy to adjust to any printing design that the customer requires.



It’s designed extend the life of the blanket by to protecting it from the dye-sub gasses. Its high-density and natural eucalyptus fiber components give you a greater performance and stronger protection.


Paper Features: Designer for all types of sublimation inks.

The ink conversion printing process is done with heat and controlled by pressure. The sublimation paper is most often used as a type of heat transfer paper to print the sublimated ink onto a specially coated surface.

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Those Are Just A Few Main Features.

But, Why Choose Us?

  • Our mission is to offer you an excellent and personalized service according to your business needs.
  • We always keep large stock available and we can delivery goods immediately.
  • We guarantee can 100%  high quality and customer satisfaction.
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