It is a paper used by many creators and fashion designers. Our paper is available in different sizes and thicknesses, easily adapting to the print design that the user requires. You can save money by getting less waste and greater productivity, because the paper will not let the fabric move and, as a result, you will have 98% transferred onto the  fabric.


• Highly adhesive
• High performance
• Quick ink absorption
• Increased dye gas production
• Faster transfer
• Perfect for elastic fabrics
• High definition and ink yield
• Less residual ink, up to 98% transfer


• Fiber
• Ground polypropylene, modified
amine cellulose
• Hydroxypropyl cellulose
• Sodium carboxymethyl cellulose
• Cationic polyacrylamide
• Silica
• Surfactant
• Water

The paper allows the heat to transfer the gas in a penetrating, effective and deep way.

• It can withstand extreme ink loads and keep a high definition and color fidelity.
• High color gain with less ink.
• It saves production costs.
• To improve performance, it is recommended to have at least 70% polyester on
the fabric.
• Ideal for rotary heat systems (Rotary heat transfer machine), due to its strong
build, which adjusts to varying tautness to avoid the ghost effect.
• This paper adapts to work on any type of printer on the market: HP, Mimaki, ESS,
EPSON, Roland, Galaxy, Mutoh, DGI, MS, Regiani, Atexco, among other brands.
• Specially designed for stretch fabric specifications, as it reduces the chance of
fabric shrinkage due to its high adhesive content and additionally prevents ghosting.