Its incredible transfer capacity allows obtaining vivid colors on both dark and light fabrics. Additionally, it has a plastic-free coating, which replaces the PET FILM base, providing a more sustainable alternative. 
Widely used in different textile materials such as: cotton, nylon, denim, treated leather, polyester and much more. 

Characteristics and Benefits

– Film can be removed easily and safely
– Color performance
– Reduced risk of collision with the print head
– Easy to cut
– Protects the environment
– Fully recycable


  • Cotton, linen, and other fabrics: 130 – 160 C / 266 – 320 F
  • Denim, canvas, and other heavy fabrics: 190 C / 374 F
  • Leather treated: below 100 C

Transfer time:

Between 10 – 15 seconds


  • Store the material in the original packaging under climatic conditions ranging from 20-35 C / 40-60% RH
  • Keep in the protective packaging until ready to use
  • To avoid moisture, return the remaining material to its original packaging Avoid direct sunlight
  • Optimum usage time is 6 months.

Available in rolls, pallets, and containers.