It is designed to protect the blanket from the printed ink of the paper that cannot cover the fabric, with its composition of high-density natural eucalyptus fiber, it gives you greater performance and stronger protection. This paper has features that make it resistant to heat, thus extending the blanket’s life.

It prevents the excess gases from the ink from contaminating or circulating in the blanket. It is compatible with all rotating oil and electric heating drums. We have different width and length types for your machines.

• Transfers more lively and vibrant colors as it absorbs all the steam from the rotary heat transfer machine.
• Extends the blanket’s life.
• Transfer of more vivid and vibrant colors.
• Reduces blanket deterioration caused by heat.
• Because of its low porosity, the paper blocks the ink gases that dirty the blanket.

• Protects against all ink contamination to keep the following design clean.
• Neutral PH: Contains greater tensile strength after prolonged exposure to heat.
• Free of stains and stays clean the moment you start sublimating.
• 100% recyclable ingredients (natural high-density eucalyptus).