It’s designed extend the life of the blanket by to protecting it from the dye-sub gasses. Its high-density and natural eucalyptus fiber components give you a greater performance and stronger protection. Additionally, this paper has some properties that make it resistant to heat.

- Transfers more lively and vibrant colors as it absorbs all the steam from the rotary heat transfer machine.
- Extends the blanket’s life.
- Transfer of more vivid and vibrant colors.
- Reduces blanket deterioration caused by heat.
- Because of its low porosity, the paper blocks the ink gasses that pollute the blanket
- Prevents contamination of the blanket by excess gasses from the ink.
- Neutral PH: Contains greater tensile strength after prolonged exposure to heat.
- Helps your blanket be stain free and helps it stays clean the moment you start sublimating.
- 100% recyclable ingredients (natural high-density eucalyptus).

Varieties tailored to your needs and those of your clients.


Extra Protection Paper 125” x 750M (22gr)
Extra Protection Paper 20” x 1006M (22gr)
Protection Paper 45” x 1006M (22gr)
Extra Protection Paper 65” x 1006M (22gr)