Sublimation Paper

Our sublimation paper is designed to be compatible with all common printing purposes. Well-suited for all printing systems and with a wide range of inks (water-based or solvent/oil based), our dye sublimation paper allows users to transfer their designs into the product perfectly, without any concerns of cockling or ghosting.

Cost-efficient and consistently reliable, the dye sublimation paper from Qualitex Paper a uniform color transfer with minimum ink consumption.

Superior Color Vibrancy:

Our sublimation papers are coated with a special formula that ensures flawless adhesion between the ink and the paper’s surface. This results in an increased transfer rate and a more satisfying uniform print.

Precise Results:

Designed to be reliable and compatible with all print service provider’s processes, Qualitex Paper allows for a more homogeneous color transition. This allows for better sharpness in print in a shorter production time.

Reliable Compatibility

Qualitex Paper is compatible for use with the latest generation of printers as well as older models. They update their product’s manufacturing process in keeping with any technological upgrades, so clients can use the paper without any concerns over printing and results.

Cost and Time-Effective

The sublimation paper offers a shorter transfer time and faster. Print production, thus reducing the cost of printing and machine use, as well as time. Ink consumption is also minimized without any subsequent effect on color brilliance.

Usability for Extra-Wide Formats:

The paper’s high stability makes it compatible with extra-wide formats, up to 3.20m.